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Saturday, 20th of January, 2018

A jelentkezési határidő 2007. október 31-én lejárt, ám érdeklődőként szívesen látunk e honlapon!
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Welcome to the website of the School for Civic Education!

    If you have decided to visit our website you must surely have seen one of the posters advertising this programme or you have been told about it and decided you are interested in the proposed topics regarding public life and civic education and most important of all you are curious about what this programme consists of.
    Let us give you a short presentation of the programme! If you are a high school student and you register to this programme (pay attention to the registration deadline!), you can participate to a learning period which will last for half a year and during which you will be able to find out more about the topics listed in the headlines above: democracy, human rights, environment protection, European Union, community rights, the civil society, etc. These are all frequent topics in the everyday news and they will be even more common in public discourse within the following years.
    The programme will consist of 12 conferences, each organized in a different town. If you register on our website, you will have the opportunity to participate to all 12 of these conferences. That means you will participate to 11 conferences virtually through the website (you will have the possibility to download the materials of all the conferences from the website) and you can participate live to one of the conferences. The website will also offer the possibility to ask interesting questions and participate to forums – all created for you to become a true student of the School for Civic Education.
    We promise interesting prizes not only for the active participants of these conferences, but also to those who see through the material from all 12 conferences.
    Once the registration period begins the countdown starts, so hurry and register to the programme for the sooner you do that the best chances for being chosen to be part of the programme you have.

Looking forward to meeting you!
The organizing team